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Our Chinese consultants have experience of many years doing business in China. Trading in China and with Chinese partners is totally different then doing business in Europe or North America. From basic cultural differences to big diversity in procedure and expectations. We recommend not to start doing business in China before you let yourself be advised.


We help you develop a product strategy and test it by market research to correspond it with the Chinese market. With a solid strategy and good advice we make sure that you start a profitable business in China.


From realization of a logistic export process to full product development. We will advise you, so you can trade independently by the right social and business etiquettes. And if wanted, we can manage it for you unburdening you fully.


In general we work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, leather or nylon, renewable energy in addition to clothing or apparel made in China. We will advise the best way how and with which partner you could do business.

Start-Up Training

with our 1-day Start-up training you will find out everything about the Chinese culture, important business etiquettes and specific information and skills concerning for your sector or product. This training can be done 1-one-1 or in group.

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