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In Asia, DFM ENTERPRISES Consulting has built a team of professionals located in offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Taipei As a market-leading business advisory firm, these offices are organized into key client-focused business segments — Consulting, Strategic Communications, Renewable Energy, Infrastructures and Technology. Our professionals provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex business challenges and opportunities faced by organizations entering the China market and foreign companies with operations in China. We specialize in areas such as compliance, regulatory issues, reputation management and risk.

Our clients facing critical issues at critical times require a sophisticated combination of financial, technical, business and industry experience. They rely on us to provide comprehensive strategic advice and results-focused solutions.

We are dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. No matter how challenging or complex the assignment, clients benefit from our extensive local, regional and global experience and knowledge.


Home Consultancy

Our Chinese consultants have experience of many years doing business in China. Trading in China and with Chinese partners is totally different then doing business in Europe or North America. From basic cultural differences to big diversity in procedure and expectations. We recommend not to start doing business in China before you let yourself be advised.


We help you develop a product strategy and test it by market research to correspond it with the Chinese market. With a solid strategy and good advice we make sure that you start a profitable business in China.


From realization of a logistic export process to full product development. We will advise you, so you can trade independently by the right social and business etiquettes. And if wanted, we can manage it for you unburdening you fully.


In general we work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, leather or nylon, renewable energy in addition to clothing or apparel made in China. We will advise the best way how and with which partner you could do business.

Start-Up Training

with our 1-day Start-up training you will find out everything about the Chinese culture, important business etiquettes and specific information and skills concerning for your sector or product. This training can be done 1-one-1 or in group.

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Home Intermediary

As intermediary in China, we assure a flawless cooperation with your Chinese partners. Discover how your company and products can be success full on the Chinese market. We lead you through the whole project, from starting phase to rolling out of your products.

Market research China

How accomplishable is your product’s introduction in China? What opportunities are there? We will do focused marked research per industry or product sector. This way you assuredly introduce a profitable product on the Chinese market. Ask one of our Chinese advisors to an online chat, you will receive a full report within a week.

Reliable Trade Partners for import or export

You are looking for a Chinese trade partner for the production of your product? Or are you looking for a Chinese party that wants to import your innovative product? Through our extensive network in multiple industry segments we will match you with the right partner. After the match you can choose to continue to explore the Chinese market independently or with your DMF Enterprises advisor.

Acquisition & Product development

Realizing your idea? In China we have our production team with knowledge of technology, manufacturing process and design. They can turn every idea into a full production plan and afterwards manufacture the product by European and American quality standards. We take over the full responsibility, ensure quality inspections and look after the transportation to your location.

Back office & Logistics

For the smaller administrative settlements, factory- and product inspections to complete logistic solutions before your products are shipped out. DMF knows all the ins and outs to the regulations that apply to China. Our team in China will help you with all the on-demand issues.

Agreement & Partnership

Making the right agreements, drawing up contracts (translating them) and ensuring a good cooperation. This is what DMF Enterprises is all about. At DMF the service doesn’t stop after the contract is signed. To keep our partners in, among others, Europe, U.S.A, Africa and China satisfied, we will be continuously in contact with you and your partners as long as is required to ensure the trade with China is done flawless.

Marketing & PR in China

To introduce a product to the Chinese market is probably our biggest strength. With our creative Chinese marketing strategists and designers we develop a good strategy and implement it to ensure your products will be successfully introduced in China. Ask us for marketing advice!


Home Translation

We are native-Chinese and English experts and like to help you understand the right context of your Chinese documents. Our qualified and experienced translators and interpreters supply fast and accurate results for all your translation needs. We translate all sorts of text, documents or audio files, like:

  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Agreements & contracts
  • Product specifications
  • Brochures
  • (Scientific) Research
  • Interpreting
  • Subtitling